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Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Final Picks: Mr. Universal Ambassador 2016

Today all roads goes to Subaraya Indonesia as the winner for Universal Ambassador 2016 will be announced. Man Central and Pageant Junkie is not really into forecasting, but a lot of readers have been asking me to join the bandwagon. To tell you the truth ...  the challenge and the constant goading from avid readers was like a bait ... it just plain cowardice to keep mum and quite and just look sullen and morose despite the tumult and the commotion brought about  by these jaw-breaking candidates.

This is the second excursion for  Mr. Universal Ambassador, but the way the contest creates combustion and candescence (and the not-to-be-ignored-candidates) has attracted the attention of the world, all eyes and the spotlight are zoomed in now to Indonesia. From a Johnny-come-lately-pageant, it has metamorphosed itself without much effort ... it can now stand a candle when placed side by side with Manhunt, Mr. International and Mr. World.

I can't help but look back at the year passed, how a plain looking pageant blossomed into a grandslam and a must-see and a must-join-pageant! Can you imagine how Venezuela feel right now for not sending anyone of their pageant hunks to this contest?  If they can send Mariam Habach Santucci to Miss Universe, there is no reason why Mr. Venezuela winners
misses the opportunity to compete and stayed idle in the freezer.

It is to Mr. Universal Ambassador credit for assemblying  an impressive batch of  Olympus Gods a total of 48 from a lean 19 last year. It is a meteoric rise, I tell you, some ephemeral hop in terms of credence and trust from would be candidates around the world.

And as they cavort and horseplay around  the scenic spots in Bali, we took notice.  

Andrea Biondo I think is the most popular.  He is almost visible. He is the poster boy of the blogs and pageant sites in town showing his youth and awesome physique. And his smile matches the sunshiny ambiance of the heavenly place and his friendship to all his pageant brothers were almost palpable as he reaches out for them in his video-cam and share everybody the limelight. Christian Perez Llorente of Spain is another pageant catch. In terms of physique and personality he can give Andrea a seasaw competetion.  Brazil's Marcelo Henrique Pilotti, Kyrgyzstan's Nursultan Aitaliev, Dominican Republic' Alejandro Martinez, Puerto Rico's  Eric Gonzalez and Macau's Tan Chuan Qi are the spoilers. These guys makes you melt to your knees with their demeanor and each one of them has their individual qualities that can lure you to their side.

And as to my final pick my vote goes to Andrea Biondo of Philippines as the winner of this contest.  Christian Perez Llorente is the first Runner Up. Marcelo Henrique Pilotti - the Second Runner Up, Alejandro Martinez- the third Runner Up and Nursultan Aitaliv - the fourth Runner Up.

Let's see what today's result will look like.
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