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Man Central is a blogger and not a photographer ... so we don't own a single photo in this blog.  We get our materials from photo-blogs in the internet, sometimes the models or pageant candidates  write us and send their photos or they gave us idea where to get them.  Our readers does that too and they make suggestions as to what they want to see in the blog. They email us photos and if the name of the photographer is not acknowledged for sheer lack of information, we encouraged the owners as well as the readers to write us so their names will be included in the credit. It is the policy of Man Central to thank models, pageant candidates, actors, athletes, photographers, photo sources and pageant organizers who without them this blog will be dull and boring.
If you wish your photos removed  from the list please drop us a line or two so we can delete them immediately and no questions asked.. If you want your name included in the credit do the same thing.  If some informations are incorrect and you want the information rectified, by all means write us. These requests are not usually published .  It is just a means so you can communicate with us.To contact us ... please use the comment section at the bottom of each post.
I repeat Man Central is our tribute to the work of models, pageant candidates and the men and women in the background - our esteemed photographers. If  the photos landed in Man Central pages ... it only meant one thing.  THAT YOUR WORK IS APPRECIATED AND THE PHOTO STOOD OUT, MAN CENTRAL WANTS THE WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW ... IT IS THERE!


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