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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Andrea Biondo: The Man With The Mission

Christmas in September is already felt ... Proof?  Gentlemen of the Philippines has this GIFT for you!

In the outset ... we can't call  a Christmas CHRISTMAS without gifts - surprises that is neatly wrapped in merry but brightly red-poinsettia-colored boxes tucked under our Christmas trees waiting to be opened.

These gifts are all about anticipation, that tingling sensation of not knowing what's inside the box until you tear the wrappers open.

It is all about fun. .. spontaneity ... cheap thrills ... and the festive laughter and giggling ... Christmas has to offer once the box is popped.

With Mr. Universal Ambassador and Gentlemen of The Philippines  ... Christmas in September becomes a present ... a gift box that you can't wait to unwrap.

Inside the box is Andrea Biondo, Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016, and the Philippine representative to Universal Ambassador 2016 now with unprecedented 50 or more candidates ... all hot ... and as the song goes in Bali Indonesia ... "Those men are on FIRE ....!

Andrea is 23 years old , 5 ft and 11 inches tall, and after getting the nod from the judges in the Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016, he is going for the win in the international arena, this time with Mr. Universal Ambassador 2016.  

Andrea Biondo all right ... is fast becoming a Pinoy male pageant ICON. After all those magical push made by photographers in Italy and Philippines  a star was made and there is no denying viewers and photography lovers succumbed to Andrea's s incredible magnet of a man just starting to experience life ... a man slowly learning his ways to know the ABC's of life.

A man of stunning beauty and perfection ... his youth is a big come-on. His incessant attack on our senses shows and his mentors obsessive compulsive manipulation of our libidinal drives pushes us to the edge ... and what a three way punch!

Andrea is a young man trapped in a younger man's body, and despite his childlike ways ... the only thing we can do is OBLIGE!

Philippines is on the winning streak this time what with the recent win of Karan Singhdole in Man of the Year 2016, Neil Perez in Mr. International 2014 and in the not so distant past June Macasaet in Manhunt International 2012. If it is not asking too much ... Philippines is still ready and willing to welcome another king in the fold - Andrea Biondo- Mr. Universal Ambassador 2016.

Wow ... the sound of it makes me feel good already.
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