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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Jayson Fulgencio: Another Stunner From Mapua

Photo # 1 (Thanks to Jason Fulgencio and his websites)Photo # 2Photo # 3Photo # 4Photo # 5Photo # 6Photo # 7Photo # 8Photo # 9Photo # 10
Name: Jason Love Fulgencio
Age 24 years old
Height: 6 ft and 1 inch
Chest: 37
Waist: 31
Shoe Size: 12
Eyes: Brown
Body Type: Athletic
School/University: Mapua Institute of Technology
Course: BS ECE
Work: Model and Engineer
Male Pageants Joined:
-Mr. Philippines World 2007
-Mossimo Bikini Open Grand Prix 2006
Titles and Awards:
-Mr. Philippines World 2007- First Runner Up
-Mossimo Bikini Open Grand Prix 2006- Finalist
Print and TV Ad Campaigns:
-San Mig Light
-Kentucky Fried Chicken
-Close Up- Lovapalooza
Photo Credits/ Source:
-Mabuhay Beauties
-All photos are copyright to their rightful owners.

Pageant Candidates: Mossimo Bikini Open 2009

Photo # 1- Andre EndiquePhoto # 2-Lemuel PelayoPhoto # 3-Dex QuindozaPhoto # 4- Angelo CacciatorePhoto # 5- Harold OidePhoto # 6-Edouard GeorgePhoto # 7- Mark ManikadPhoto # 8Photo # 9-JR TironaPhoto #10- Jiro ShirakawaPhoto # 11- Geron Lontoc

One of the more popular male pageants in the Philippines is Mossimo Bikini Open Summit who has produced alumnis with the likes of Carlo Maceda, Jordan Herrera, AJ Dee, Douglas Robinson, Brent Javier, and in 2009 with the likes of Jiro Shirakawa, Angelo Cacciatore, Dex Quindoza, Harold Oide, Mark Manikad, Lem Pelayo, Andre Endique, Geron Lontoc and more ... what more can you ask ?
Enjoy the candidates witht their fitting swimwear only Mossimo can offer.
By the way ... Mossimo this year is launching Mr. and MS. Eco Tourism, and will have its finals sometime in June in Batangas. Another pageant worth our while. Photo Credits: Alll photos are copyright to its rightful owners.

Jefferson Payumo: Benched!

Photo # 1 (Thanks to Jefferson Payumo and his websites)Photo # 2Photo # 3Photo # 4Photo # 5Photo # 6Photo # 7Photo # 8Photo # 9Photo # 10Benched Underwear Billboards has been traffic hazards along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue what with the like of Piolo Pascual, Jake Cuenca, John Avila, Gerald Anderson, Aljur Abrenica, Coco Martin,Rafael Rosell - so monstrous in their underwear proportions - some traffic naysayers think looking at these local hunks in their bench underwears is comparable to driving under the influence of liquor!
And who wouldn't look back at those major avenue distractions especially when Bench fit just as right!
Even our facebook and multiply models try Bench and in this feature, Jefferson Payumo with the help of photographer Jason Paul Laxamana made quite a dynamite of images here. Scroll the photos and you will see what I mean!

MJ Cachero: When The Model Becomes The Photographer

Photo # 1 (Thanks to MJ Cachero and His websites) Photo # 2 Photo # 3 Photo # 4 Photo # 5 Photo # 6 Photo # 7
Name: MJ Cachero
Age: 21 years old

Height: 5 feet and 8 inches

Weight: 135 lbs.

Chest: 37

Waist: 30

Nationality: Filipino

Hobbies and Interests: Photography, Travel, Swimming

Photo Credits:

-Deneb Villanueva

-Tom Fernando

-Warren Manlapas

-Jay Alonzo

-Edward de la Cuesta

Monday, June 28, 2004

Pageant Candidates: Circle of Ten 2009 1

Photo # 1-Luis HontiverosPhoto # 2-Michael DizonPhoto # 3-Myko OngPhoto # 4-Paolo Marco CantadaPhoto # 5-Raff MontesenesPhoto #6- Raphael GalvezPhoto #7- Redmond ZapantaPhoto #8-Sam MisonPhoto #9- Steven GatesPhoto # 10-Vince Estenso

For the nth time around Circle of Ten announces the male candidates of this years C of 10 derby.

What an impeccable bevy of young but promising heartthrobs ... and it looked like the judges will have a hard time finding the winner in this one. There will be a winner for sure and basing from the photos here, the judges will sweat it out ... promise!

Photo Credits:

-Robert Regala

-Carlos Antonio Creencia

Pageant Candidates: Circle of Ten 2009 Part 2

Photo #1-Aldrain FrescoPhoto # 2- Avery ParaisoPhoto # 3- Antonio Chuckie Albert IIIPhoto # 4- Drew DaquialPhoto # 5- J. L. AchavalPhoto # 6- Jarrel SolimanPhoto # 7- Eljohn YeePhoto # 8-Jervy ArahanPhoto # 9- Joshua PalisocPhoto # 10- Maverick Velarde

continuation .... Circle of Ten 2009

Photo Credits:

-Robert Regala

-Carlos Antonio Creencia

-All photos are copyright to its rightful owners.


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