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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sun ... Fun .... Tan

Summer is here ... and what do you see? Crystal blue skies, warm winds, powdery sands, and the scorching heat reaching a record high. Dedicated summer junkies flock to the beach ... cavorting and frolicking under the mighty sun and for what ....  to get that much needed tan!

Beach resorts make a merry tingling of dough-ray-me ... the white sands are lined up with naked bodies, and the vibrant nightlife are filled with pregnant laughters amid ear-splitting music and that pesky alcohol ... everybody looked like they are programmed to have a good time. 

In the sea, people enjoyed water sports and there's a plethora of activities to choose from: cliff diving, snorkeling, kayaking, wind surfing, banana boat riding, scuba diving, paddle boarding, jet-skiing, parasailing, island hopping and mermaid swimming. 

If you want an idle sport you can try body shopping or just sit  beside the baywalk and while your time watching the people pass by. This sport is free and you will be treated to a myriad specimen of body contours you can ever imagine. And if you are a good observer chances are you will arrive to this conclusion: Every body tried to outdo each other wearing the trendest swimwears in town irregardless of size, color and body curves.

And while we are at it, summer is also the time for Bikini Summits- a contest for men and women elbowing each other mano a mano so they will come out the penultimate ... the one with the Best Body. Seeing one is just like watching the latest episode of Flesh Avenue.

If you are feeling a little worn out by the heat and the humidity ... you can have the local masseurs gave you a massage al fresco (my gosh Pinoy beaches looked like a one-resort kneading parlor) Or you can look for the nearest dessert and drinks bar and order your favorite Pinoy coolers. The ultimate Pinoy treat is halohalo and the other one is the tried and tested mais con yelo.

Your annual beach visit ... for sure will not be complete without experiencing the nightlife in the beach. Oh it is so much fun. You can join a bar hopping tour where you enjoy discounts on drinks, free entrances to bars (in resort lingo they termed it as "moving party on the go") This activity will also give you the chance  meeting new friends and acquaintances you''ll never know can blossom into a lasting relationships.

Lastly  ... you are already in the beach so why not a gastronomic treat! You can always feast on crustaceans ... and we mean king crabs, shrimps, fish squids and lobsters.  And in Pinoy beach there's an abundance of this so grab yourself the opportunity of the lifetime.

So are you ready for an exciting beach trip? Whether you are looking for adrenaline-pumping activities or you are just aiming for a relaxing vacation our beaches have something great waiting for you. (Models: Nathan and Wendell)
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