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Thursday, February 1, 2018


Video: World Record For Team Philippines 2017 - 53 Crowns and Titles  -Country: Philippines  -Video Credits: All videos are copyright to its rightful owners.

Just a little review of the winners for major and minor pageants:
1. Karen Ibasco- Miss Earth 2017- Winner
  2. Teresita Ssen Marquez- Reina Hispano Americana 2017- Winner
  3. Jannie Alipoon- Miss Tourism International 2017- Winner
  4. John Raspado- Mr. Gay World 2017- Winner
  5. Maureen Wrobblewitz- Asia's Next Top Model 2017- Winner
  6. Sara Bona- Miss Nature Intercontinental 2017- Winner
  7. Jedaver Opingo- Miss Progress International 2017- Winner
  8. Kathleen Paton- Miss Teen International 2017- Winner
  9. Jessica Eribal- Mrs. International 2017- Winner
10. Jennifer Helen Weigl- Woman of the Year 2017- Winner
11. Dr. Risa Caldoza- Mrs. Tourism International 2017-Winner
12. Hadrian Kim Bueno- Mister Supermodel Universe 2017- Winner
13. Thamara Pacursa- Miss Super Foto Model Universe 2017- Winner
14. Mary Eve Adelene Escoto- Miss Asia Global 2017- Winner
15. Beatrice Andrada- Miss Pacific World 2017- Winner
16. Rizza Paula Lacson-Miss Culture World Heritage 2017- Winner
17. Jodel Mesina- Miss Top of the World Plus 2017- Winner
18. Michelle Villegas- Miss Plus Size International 2017- Winner
19. Agnes Jakosalem- Grandma Universe 2017- Winner
20. Lou Jen- Miss Fitness Universe 2017- Winner
21. Trisha Bantigue- Miss Asian Global 2017- Winner
22. Eillen Demchuk -Miss Asia Edmonton 2017- Winner
23. Melody Rom- Miss International Teen Model Discovery 2017- Winner
24. Ralaine Balanay- Miss Teenager Asia 2017- Winner
25. Gilana Maningas- Cinderella Miniature 2017- Winner
26. Lisa Sofia Hansen- Little Miss Asia Pacific International 2017- Winner
27. Shirleen Espinoza- Princess of the World 2017- Winner
28. Jennifer Olsson- Mini Miss Earth Planet 2017- Winner
29. Marilou Tolico Villanueva- Mrs. Universe Loyal 2017- Winner
30. Joyce Penas Pilarsky- Mother of the Universe 2017- Winner
31. Mary Rose Salubre- Mrs. Classic Galaxy 2017
32. Risa Caldosa- Mrs. International Global Charisma Ambassaddor 2017- Winner
33. Gehenna Marie Bana- Miss Beyond The Crown 2017- Winner
34. Paula Bituschini- Miss T World 2017 -Winner
35. Alexis Tan- Miss Mardi Gras 2017- Winner
36. Kristina Mendez- Miss Futuristic Model 2017- Winner
37. Al Reggie Dimalanas -Mister Culture Arts 2017- Winner

Runner Up Spots:
1. Nelda Ibe- Miss Globe International 2017- First Runner Up
2. Paul Guarnes- Universal Ambassador 2017- First Runner Up
3. Richard Angelo Adarlo- Mr. Tourism World 2017- Second Runner Up
4. Elizabeth Clenci- Miss Grand International 2017- Third Runner Up
5. Arnold Rajan Provido- Mr. Planet 2017- Second  Runner Up
6. Joshua Marquez- Mr. International Teen Model Discovery 2017- Second Runner Up
7. Sherlyn Legaspi Doloriel- Miss Scuba International- Third Runner Up
8. Ilene Astrid de Vera- Miss Asia Pacific International 2017- Fourth Runner Up

Runner Up Spots- Minor Pageants:
1. Samantha Iris- Miss Teen Face of Beauty International 2017- First Runner Up
2. Aivi Lo- Mrs. Chinatown International 2017- First Runner Up
3. Rico Rono- Mister Culture World Advance 2017- First Runner Up
4. Victoria Anthony- Miss Transexual International 2017- Second Runner Up
5. Jayar Aguilera- Miss Gay International 2017- Second Runner Up
6. Christa Borja- Top Model of the World 2017- Fourth Runner Up
7. Ashley Klaudine Barcillano Palma- Top International Model of the World 2017- Fourth Runner Up
8; Julianne Clarice Vargas Mendijar- Miss Pacific International 2017- Fourth Runner Up

Top Ten Placements:
1. Rachel Peters- Miss Universe 2017- Top Ten 
2. Chanel Olive Thomas- Miss Supranational- Top Ten
3. Chris Dulagan- Man of the World 2017- Top Ten
4. Vincent Jarina- Mr. Ocean 2017- Top Ten
5. Issa Janda- Man of the Year 2017-Top Ten
6. Denver Hernandez- Men Universe Model 2017

Top 15 Placement:
1. Yves Campos- Mr. Supranational 2017- Semifinalist
2. Daniel Azurin- Manhunt International 2017- Semifinalist
3. James Alfred Ventura- Mr. Global 2017- Semifinalist
4. Miguel Guia- Mr. International 2017- Semifinalist
5. Laura Lehmann- Miss World 2017
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