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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Fearless Forecasts Galore: Mr. Global 2017

Fearless forecast Number 1- Misterology
Fearless Forecast Number 2- Pageant Times
Fearless Forecast Number 3- Missosology

At this time all roads and attention are focused on what in store in Chiang Mai Thailand - the hubbub of excitement, activity and speculations come May 20, 2017 as one hunk will be handed a Global recognition on who's who in Mr. Global firmament. 

Indeed it is raining MEN... (of all times ... in summer?) and Male Beauty pageant addicts, Mr. Global 2017 zealots and devotees, misterologists and missisologists, pageantologists and journalists, bloggers and naysayers - my goodness even ordinary man on the street will always have somebody as their "Manok", whether based on gut feel vs libido feel , basic preference vs ESP vs common sense , tarot card vs palmistry, astrology vs crystal ball-reading, or plain visual judgment vs Q and A discernment. 

This has always been part and parcel of the excitement at every pageant,whether it is male or female but most especially now that the contest is touted to be competetive, one where the South East Asian countries looked formidably strong what with the decent if not excellent showing of candidates from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, India, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. Why even Bangladesh or Iraq is in running!

Will Asians hold supreme? Or will Brazil, Chile, England or Czech Republic snatch the most coveted prize of the night? 

Fastforward: The result of Mister Global 2017. Did it match yours?

Pedro Henrique Gicca- Brazil-Mr. Global 2017
Gerrie Havenga-South Africa- First Runner Up
Christopher Joseph Bramell- England- Second Runner Up
Fabian Esteban Vera Abello- Third Runner Up
Thuan Nguyen- Vietnam- Fourth Runner Up

Special Awards:
James Alfred Ventura- Philippines- Most Charming Smile
Daniel Sampedro- Spain- Best Model
Gerrie Havenga- South Africa -Best Physique
Shi Yu Quan- China- Mr. Photogenic
Seong Min Lee- Korea- Mr. Congeniality
Menuka Alwis- Sri Lanka- Best In National Costume

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