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Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Men of Men Universe Model 2016

1.Marlon Polo- Men Universe Model 2016 Winner

 2. Luis Domingo Baez- Venezuela- First Runner Up

3. Victor Manuel Alcantara Carpio- Dominican Republic- Second Runner Up

4. Michael Cheverez- Puerto Rico - Third Runner Up

4. Oswaldo Ramos- Colombia- Fourth Runner Up

5. Hermes Bautista- Philippines

7.Yader Jarquin- Nicaragua

8. Sergio Montesinos- Mexico

9. Florentino Rodriguez- Margarita Island

10. Himanshu Shailey- India

11. Julien Celette- France

12. David Manzoh- Ecuador

13. Breno Ruis- Brazil

14. Andres- Segura- Costa Rica

15. Giovanny Roca- Bolivia

16: Joshua Martina- Curacao

I can feel it!  Men Universe Model is so transparent you will know the results right away who will be the eventual winners just by looking at  pageant pictorials being peddled in Facebook and other pageant blogs.  You will know who gets the lion share of photographers attention; you will know who among the candidates are being hustled and bustled and it didn't take a rocket scientist to predict who will be crowned and sashed come Judgement Day.
From the get-go I noticed already the unusual brotherhood between Venezuela's Luis Domingo Baez, Panama's Marlon Polo and home grown boy Victor Manuel Alcantara Carpio. They bonded like Siamese triplets, so inseparable they always go together in pictorials even in their  rest period as if saying to the world, "Look at us ...  the three of us are the ultimate specimen of manhood. They were so oblivious of what is happening around, (they have a world they created only for the three of them ... it may sound an exagerration if I say they almost ignored the other candidates) and it showed they enjoy each other's company. They strutted their pecs and deltoids, their crotches and their behinds any pageant fan will have vertigo after scrutinizing the images. The three of them were finalist in the same category - (Mejor Cuerpo) or Best Bodies (won by Luis Domingo Baez) or was it the Best Buddies ? And was this the reason they bonded well, that they have something in common ... having the best bodies and inviting a scrawny candidate in their midst will come out bruised and fractured? Aaaahhh ... they really complemented each other and if chemistry is brought up as topic ... they made a perfect recipe for a good combustion. 
One proof of my suspicion was when I commented to another pageant blogger: " What happen if the contest between the three will extend up to the pageant night? Will the friendship remains or the clash of egos starts? And the dreaded moment happened and in testament to their friendship, the pictures showed Luis and Victor were very happy for Marlon. You could almost feel the sincerity of the two ... and the joy that their friend won. Besides what is there to feel bad about. No less than the two of them, are Marlon's contenders to the throne, the two being the highest runner up finishers.
Marlon Polo of Panama was named the winner of Men Universe Model Pageant 2016 during the finals held July 15 in the Dominican Republic.
Hot favorite Luis Domingo Baez of Venezuela finished first runner-up, while home delegate Victor Manuel Alcantara placed second runner-up. The rest of the Top 6 finalists were Puerto Rico's Michael Cheverez (third runner-up), Colombia's Oswaldo Ramos (4th runner-up) and Poland's Adrian Krzyzansk (5th runner-up).
Other candidates who deserved the second look are Hermes Bautista (Philippines) whose long tresses compliments his tawny sun-kissed skin, Julien Celette (France) whose winsome smile will continue to haunt us, Breno Ruis (Brazil) completely ignored in this pagaent, Florentino Rodriguez (Margarita Island) hard-bodied but  soft in his own ways and Himanshu Shailey (India) whose camera poses earn for him Man Centrals "photographers delight".
To all of you guys... YOU MADE YOUR COUNTRY PROUD!
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