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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Ian Batherson: Getting More Daring!

Photo # 1 (Thanks to Ian Batherson and his websites)Photo # 2Photo # 3Photo # 4Photo # 5Photo # 6Photo # 7Photo # 8Photo # 9Photo # 10Photo # 11Photo # 12Photo # 13

The incredibly handsome Ian Batherson is the type that doesn't only draw second glances, he can silence a room full of people as well. W are pretty sure he has gotten away with a lot of things because of his good looks.

When this half Filipino, hald German looker decided to peel off his clothes to bare some more skin when he modelled for a certain underwear brand, he created quite a stir. if not delightful anticipation, partly because the fans wanted to know the whole .... uhmmmm ... package. Fortunately, his foray did not disappoint Soon enough, the face and the body will be in underwear billboards throught the cityscape.

In this feature .... notice also Ian Batherson's transformation from a wholesome newcomer in Starstruck , to his gradual mature metamorphosis in Survivor Philippines ... making it obvious .... he is ready for more daring roles! We are waiting ... for your first move Ian!
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