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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Borgy Manotoc: The Hunk For All Season

Photo #1 (Thanks to Borgy Manotoc and his websites)Photo # 2Photo # 3Photo # 4Photo #5Photo # 6Photo #7Photo #8Photo # 9Photo #10
This is the moment. And the time has come. But before you ignore this intro and scroll down the page, let me say it ... that this is a day in history.

At the start we thought of 10 hunkiest, yummiest, or zingiest or 10 of the most wanted men this side of this blog and we are serving it to you in a fast-click, one page stare-all-you-want-buffet!
Only 10 in the menu, all though there are lots of men in our mind. But I think 10 would be tedious and irksome, and one to some ... may sound too selfish and too egotistical.

But selfish or whatever picture naysayers will paint our decision of coming up with only one model today for our third anniversary, we believe that Borgy Manotoc deserves the attention, the high regard and the respect Man Central is giving him. Aside from the illustrious Marcos pedigree in his lineage and being the son of a beautiful congresswoman Imee Marcos Manotoc, he has worked himself to the level where his name in the fashion industry become synonymous to class, the literati and the intelegentsia.

After much preparation and a lot of picture research in the internet, we have come up with the following. May the images provide justice of the man's impeccable taste for what is good and what is beautiful!

Photo Credits: All photos are copyright to their rightful owners.
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