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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Cosmo Men: The Heat Is On!

Photo # 1 - Quito TrenasPhoto # 2 - Michael MercadoPhoto # 3 - Pao LarozaPhoto # 4 - Oliver OrletPhoto # 5 - Matthew EncelanPhoto # 6 - Jamie CravenPhoto # 7 - Jason SaguinsinPhoto # 8 - KC ThadaniPhoto # 9- Robert de ClaroPhoto # 10 - Pau PadayhagPhoto # 11- Sean Jalaeiyan

Summer is here ... and after three months of blistering summer heat, it is hard to believe that
September will come soon and we will know who will be included in this year's Cosmopolitan 69 Bachelors. Indeed ... time flies fast!

But when the calendar and the magazine is blessed with men as sexy and stunning as seen in today's roster ... time does have a way of flying by.

Come September who will have the luck and the advantage, and who will be ignored? The excitement is heating up. Meanwhile enjoy who made today's list!

Photo Credits: Cosmopoltan Magazine
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