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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ignacio Kliche: Mr. World 2000

Ignacio Kliche photo # 1
Ignacio Kliche photo #2
Ignacio Kliche photo # 3

Ignacio Kliche photo # 4

Ignacio Kliche photo # 5

Ignacio Kliche photo # 6

Mr. World is organized by Miss World organizers and begun in 1996. It was supposed to be an annual extravaganza starring the world's handsome men but was held only 5 times in 12 years. The 3rd edition was held in Cruff Hydro Hotel in Scotland was won for the second time by a South American and this time it is Ignacio Kliche from Uruguay. First runner up was Marcello Barkowski of Germany and the second runner up was Dante Spencer of USA.
Ignacio Kliche is the son of actor Fernando Kliche. He is now 27 yyears old and is licensed in International Relations. His stint in Mr World was unforgettable. Possessing good looks and a charisma is not to be sneezed as he was definitely a standout in his league ... a surefire winner. And He did!
Ignacio Kliche claimed to be a fanatic of sports especially basket ball. "Basketball is the game of my life as he plays professionally in Uruguay, His dream is to try NBA. He stars in the first edition of Contando por Un Sueno. He also does modelling on the side, a conductor de television and a news anchor in NBA sports.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lando Sasso: In Swimwear

Name: Lando Sasso -Country: Puerto Rico -Pageant Joined: Misters of Puerto Rico 2007- Winner of Mister PR Teenager 2007, Mr. Earth 2007-Winner Mr. Young Earth 2007
Photo Credit: All photos are copyright to its rightful owners.

Hugo Rene Chavez: Mr Handsome Guatemala 2007

photo #1 (Thanks to Julio Rodriguez and Alberto Maneiro Restrepo ) photo # 2photo # 3 photo # 4 photo #5 photo # 6 photo # 7photo # 8 photo #9 photo # 10photo #11 photo # 12 Beautiful face .... soulful eyes ... infectious smile! Thats Hugo Rene Chavez of Guatemala. As he struts his wares in the beaches of Dominican Republic, one wonders how he will fare in the Mr. Handsome International contest. Determination ... he has lots of it! Fan support ... he has plenty. Sex appeal ... he is full of it. Experience and training ... of he did his homework. Luck? Thats what everybody needs. And prayers too. Click Google to see result if Hugo Rene Chavez figured prominently in and out of the stage! Just kidding! Hugo Rene was the third runner up. So there!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Josh Henderson: From Singing To Acting!

Photo # 1 (Thanks to Josh Anderson and his websites)Photo # 2Photo # 3Photo # 4Photo # 5Photo # 6Photo # 7Photo # 8Name: Josh Henderson
Complete Name: Joshua Baret Henderson
Birthdate:October 25, 1981
Birthplace: Dallas Texas
Place of Residence: Tulsa Oklahoma
Height: 180 cms.
Eyes: Green and Blue
Work: Singer, Actor
Member of Boyband: Popstars, Scene 23
Music Video Made:
-With Ashley Tisdale- He Said, She Said
TV Shows:
-Popstars USA
-Desperate Wives
-The Ashlee Simpson Show
-Maybe It's Me
-Do Over
-One On One
-She Spies
-North Shore
-8 Simple Rules of Dating My Teenage Daughter
-Over There
-Yours, Mine, Ours
-Broken Bridges
-Step Up
-April Fools Day
-The Jerk Theory
-Hollywood Forever
-The Girl Next Door
Photo Credits:
-All photos are copyright to their rightful owners.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Muzamil Ibrahim: Shirtless

Name: Muzamil Ibrahim -Country: India -Pageant Joined: Gladrags manhunt India 2007
Photo Credit: Thanks to Man Central reader who send this photo. All photos are copyright to its rightful owners.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Denver Olivares: Ginoong Filipinas 2007

Denver Olivares photo # 1 ("Photo Credits: Vince Lopez Photography") Visit his site at

Denver Olivares photo # 2
Denver Olivares photo # 3
Denver olivares photo # 4 Denver Olivares photo # 5Denver olivares photo # 6
Denver Olivares photo # 7

Denver Olivares photo # 8
Denver Olivares photo # 9
Denver Olivares photo # 10
Denver olivares photo # 11
Denver Olivares photo # 12

2007 has been a wonderful year to Ginoong Filipinas. For one I saw the rebirth of GF right before my very eyes. It has it's ups and downs and this year, thanks heavens, GF is experiencing a renaiassance of sort. Thanks to the impeccable collection of candidates- the much needed blood transfusion to GF's otherwise anemic physical conditions. 

One of the candidate thats illicits a lot of oohs and aaahs is Denver Olivares, an exciting piece of manly specimen from Metrogate Tagaytay. He is swarthy but if you look at him his lard is dripping with nothing but The audience can attest to this as they swoon and drool everytime he appeared on stage. I asked one of them and he said: "If I am going to compare Denver with a 5 star hotel ... all I can say is that he is wall to wall carpeted!" Perfect observation I say especially if you refer back to the pictures in this page. Denver being a lawstudent needs a lot of focus and hardwork to succeed. But don't you ever think Denver doesn't know the meaning of fun. As a matter of fact he pamper and reward himself with these little "fun" at the end of the day with special friends ... of course! (Thanks UPH)

Harold Oide: Ginoong Filipinas Turismo 2007 Has a Cordon Sanitaire

Harold Oide # 1 (Thanks to Edwin Tan, Doc Lito,)
Harold Oide photo # 2 Harold Oide photo #3 Harold Oide photo # 4
Harold Oide photo # 5 Harold Oide photo # 6 Harold Oide photo # 7 Harold Oide photo # 8
Harold Oide photo # 9
This year's edition of Ginoong Filipinas is a celebration of sort to fans and admirers of GF- and Dr Lito return the loyalty by giving them this special gift- a gift of men. Yes ... it is men galore at the Clamshell, as GF gathers all yummy guys, as they tried to comb down islands to big cities from Aparri to Jolo, just to give you one hot show! 
Fresh faces, gorgeous bodies and steamy studs lined up to showcase this exciting manhunt. And from the north specifically the city of pines, one such Adonis was Harold Oide a 19 year old, 5 feet and 10 inches representing La Trinidad Benguet. He is tall and lanky and has a face that can make Mona Lisa frown with envy. Harold has been a favorite from the 'get-go" and his triumvirate that includes Denver and Kish , keep eveybody guessing who will eventually land on top. 
Harold Oide has a "cordon sanitaire" a big no-no in big pageants like this. Harold has hired several "hawi guys" reminiscent of Randy Santiago in his prime. I even commented this is catastrophe waiting to happen, and somebody has to tell this people quick before the snobbish judges will stamp 'imprimatur' on the winners. Luckily for him, the judges love him ... He could even make it to the top ... even Ginoong Filipinas 2007 if not for the prima donna behaviors of people surrounding him. Ill advised, I dare say ... yes ! Too bad ... almost abot na ni Harold ang Langit!! Right candidate ... wrong managers! 


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